In the Beginning

LMEF/LMEC was founded in February 1981 under the original name of The Lake Management Committee, by action taken at a Culver Plan Commission meeting. The first committee chair was John Babcock, who’s words (as reprinted in part) from the original “First Year Report” issued April 1982, follow:

April 1982 – First Year Report of the Lake Management Committee:  “Maxinkuckee is an Indian word for Sparkling Water. Yet because of the abusive and neglectful ways in which Maxinkuckee has been treated, it is on the edge of becoming a dying lake. Once it slips past that edge, the process is virtually out of control without radical and extremely expensive efforts.

Prudent and specific means must be developed to ensure that future generations who “come to the lake” can enjoy a clear, beautiful, and non-congested natural resource. The aging and dying process of our lake has been accelerating over the past 5 years. Unless we act now with sincerity and determination, our children will soon know a lake that is quite different from the one today.  Weeds and pollution will about…Others have waited too long to get seriously involved in preserving the beauty and cleanliness of their greatest natural resource. We cannot afford to hesitate longer.

“We must act now to create a commission, a task force, if you will, with permanent status for management of Lake Maxinkuckee….”

Thanks to a group of forward thinkers back in the 1980s, who realized clean water doesn’t just happen by accident, we have a beautiful and healthy lake to enjoy. But as John F. Kennedy said in 1962, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” We must be ever vigilant in our continued protection of Lake Maxinkuckee, its wetlands and watershed. With the combined effort of the wonderful people who live, work and vacation in our community, future generations will look back on this time, when the lake was entrusted to us, and say “Thank you for taking care of the lake.”

Debbie Palmer

Executive Director

The Lake

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Our Board & Council

Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Fund (LMEF)

LMEF oversees the fund-raising efforts, manages those funds, and gives final approval to the environmental efforts on an annual basis.

Board of Directors:
Abbe Starr Chairman
Cheryl Bird Vice Chairman
Wendy Loehr Treasurer

Dave Haist
Whipple Hazlewood
Amy Henderson
Carlie Irsay-Gordon
Chris Kline
Chris LaMothe
Mark Levett
Wendy Loehr

Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council (LMEC)

LMEC decides the annual environmental efforts and carries out approved projects.

Chris Kline – Chairman
Dave Blalock
Don Fox
Robert Ianello
Branden James
Dan Osborn
Karen Shuman
John Spensley

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