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The Dead Zone

The Dead Zone

With all the other crisis in the news this year, it’s easy to ignore what is continuing to happen in the Gulf of Mexico.  The annual Gulf of Mexico dead zone is primarily caused by excess nutrient pollution from human activities in urban and agricultural areas...

Interview:  Jim Sturman

Interview: Jim Sturman

I started this job with the Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Council last fall.  I was fortunate to step into a position that was already running quite well.  One reason for that is the leadership and continuity provided by the LMEF Board of Directors and Jim...

What is Wrong with the Sycamore Trees?

What is Wrong with the Sycamore Trees?

Summer has finally arrived!  After a long, cold, wet spring, warm temperatures are here.  And along with the warm temps come the green trees.  All except the Sycamores.  Have you noticed that they look dead?  They don’t seem to have as many leaves, or any large leaves...

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